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Czechia in Data: Forbidden Czechia

Places where a common man cannot set foot

Our republic has an area of 78,866 square kilometres. Approximately 2% of its surface are taken by waters, thus leaving about 77,289 km² for land. However, have you ever thought about which part of this area a common man can set foot in? Come with us to take a look at the depths of mines and mountain tops. At places in the middle of nowhere, where a ‘sleep tight’ wish comes from lone wolves, tanks or giant excavators. Take a look at forbidden, protected and destroyed Czechia and learn more at

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Deloitte Develop Index: Apartments in Prague. How much will you pay?

Deloitte Develop Index: Apartments in Prague. How much will you pay?

The sell-out rate on Prague’s market in new apartments is nearing a critical point, the price per m2 has crossed the threshold of CZK 90 thousand for the first time in Prague. The number of new apartments is the lowest in 4 years. Supply primarily includes smaller but more expensive projects in the city centre. Find out more in the latest issue of the Deloitte Develop Index.


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Deloitte SheXO Club – Lucerna Palace

Deloitte SheXO Club – Lucerna Palace



The main reason why the meeting took place in the Lucerna cinema was to screen the stories recorded as part of Deloitte’s project entitled “Making an Impact that Matters”. The ladies met with one of the project participants, the aristocrat Constantin Kinský. Along with his wife, he talked about his participation in the project as well as about the chateau in Žďár nad Sázavou where he and his wife managed to interconnect history, art and modern technology. They were then welcomed and accommodated in an attic apartment by the well-known Prague coffee bar owner Ondřej Kobza.

SDGs Awards

Best sustainable development projects in the Czech Republic

SDGs Awards 2017

The first Czech SDG (United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals) Awards Ceremony took place at Černín Palace on Saturday, 27 May 2017.


General public was astonished by the self-sustainable project entitled Český ostrovní dům (Czech Off-grid Houses) which integrates advanced technology and cost-saving. The winner of the public sector category became the campaign I am prepared by the Zachraň jídlo (Save Food) initiative teaching Czech people how to avoid food waste and buy and process imperfect foodstuffs.


The expert jury award was granted to Avast Foundation for its Together project dealing with the topic of death, which is still rather taboo in Czech society. The Czech Development Agency awarded the CLIDATA application of the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute.


IKEA Česká republika became the winner of the SDGs reporting category.


Deloitte was invited by SDGs to be part of the jury because of its reporting experience and expertise at both Czech and international levels.


Deloitte became involved in the UN Global Compact initiative as sustainable development is part of its corporate strategy. The initiative aims to support companies in terms of achieving and meeting Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Technology Companies Competition

Deloitte Technology Fast 50

Deloitte Technology Fast 50: Register until 31 July 2017

We launched the next year's Technology Fast 50 Central Europe programme, which recognises 50 of the fastest growing technology companies in the region. You can register until 31 July 2017 at

Act of the Year 2016

Disclosure of Open Data wins the Act of the Year 2016 title

Disclosure of Open Data wins the Act of the Year 2016 title

The winner of the Act of the Year 2016 survey is the Wealth of Open Data. This decision was made by more than a quarter (26.4%) of entrepreneurs, companies and the expert public as part of the survey. The phenomenon of the need to work with data therefore overtook the controversial Act on Electronic Sales Records (20.3%), the new Act on Public Procurement ranked third (16.4 %). More information:


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